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  • Have your favorite handwritten family recipe laser engraved on a Bamboo Cutting Board to create a family heirloom.

    Thank you for your interest in our one of a kind personalized products. I hope this answers any questions or concerns you may have about the ordering process.

    We know your family recipes are priceless. We will never ask you to send your recipes to us. So what is the best way to get them to us?


    Scan and email is the BEST option. If you have access to a copier/scanner and can email that digital copy to chris@handllaserdesigns.com


    Smartphone photo is a close second. Take a clear close-up photo and email it to chris@handllaserdesigns.com  do not text or use a messaging app to send it. Apps downscale and lower the resolution automatically to make them send faster, then end result is not as good.


    We will send you a “Proof Copy” for your approval before we make your product


    If you have any further questions about the process you can call or text me

    606 922 1515

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  • Birch Rolling Pins 14″ Traditional & 19″ French. Makes a nice surface for engraving wedding and anniversary dates, names, initials, monograms, logos & company names.

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